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Marketing Services

Geo Fencing & Retargeting


You can market your business directly to the smartphones of customers, clients or people within a 100 feet to 5 miles. Promote your business 24-hours a day on a budget. (Silver, Gold and Platinum Packages Available) 

Next Generation Text Service


We can create a keyword that people can text to you with a short code (example: 34556) You can collect the contact information of 500 people in 5 minutes or less. (Silver, Gold and Platinum Packages Available) 

Loyalty and Reward Program


We can create a custom loyalty program that can grow your business, attract new people and retain current customers. This service can increase your revenue by 10%.  (Silver, Gold and Platinum Packages Available) 

Social Media Management


You can get professional Facebook page management monthly at a reasonable price. We specialize in helping clients to develop a social media presence and connect to over 5,000 users. (Silver, Gold and Platinum Packages Available)


Business Development


Free Business Check-Up

Get a Free Business Check-Up for your business today! It will outiine ways to grow, enhance and connect to your customers. Sign-up now for the Check-Up Summary. 

Business Workshops

We provide workshops on social media, marketing, partnership development, networking and branding. 

Soft Skills and Entrepreneurship Training

We provide workshops/trainings in customer service, soft skills, business plan development and youth entrepreneurship. Learn from top business professional!

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Consulting Services


Strategic Planning & Special Project Development

We can help with Action Oriented Strategic Planning for your business, county, city, organization, church and other groups.  If you plan to submit grant applications or request state/national resources, a Strategic Plan can be a vital asset.  The prices for this service is based on the needs of the client. 

Grant/Loan Package Development

We assist clients to complete a grant/loan package to federal, state and private foundations. Our company has a team of consultants that can provide you with a professional application based on the package requirements and requested funding.

Tourism Consulting

We assist clients to develop or enhance tourism services in the target area. Our team will provide services that will allow an  agency, organization and business to improve the tourism traffic/experience.  

Assessment Reports

We conduct an assessment report for organizations and political campaigns. This assessment will give the client and overview of new resources, creative fund fundraising, social media marketing and access new technology. 

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